Parish Pastoral Council (P.P.C.)
The Parish Pastoral Council consists of parishioners and several ex officio members. School Principal, parish accountant and Parish Priest.

The council aspires to work collaboratively to foster pastoral action in the life of the parish, to establish a planning vision for the parish, to respond to the needs of the parishioners, to foster growth in faith and community and to empower others to share fully in parish life.

Resources and Planning Committee
This committee has an overview of the Parish finances and property. It looks to planning for future developments as new needs arise. It makes recommendations to the P.P.C.

The parish is required to present an annual financial statement to the archdiocese and catholic education office on income and expenditure for both the parish and primary school.

The Parish Thanksgiving Program is the main source of income for our expenses in maintaining our church and school buildings and equipment.

Buildings Committee
Since the decision to go ahead with the second church on Bungower Road, the Buildings Committee have researched other recently built churches and spoken with liturgical designers and architects.

They have been seeking development ideas for the land around the church at Drake Street and will be helping the Parish Priest with the big decisions concerning the planning and construction of the second church at Bungower Road. A church will remain on this site in Drake Street.

There are a number of options we have with respect to obtaining funding for the second church and the renovation of the current church.  The Committee will be looking at all these issues.

Liturgy Team

The Liturgy team which is headed up by Fr Joe works to prepare for major liturgical feasts and weekly events throughout the liturgical year. Their role is to help God’s people come to worship and pray.

The team is responsible for music, graphics, the decor of the church, the symbols at certain feasts, the ritual, the prayer and the involvement of the people such as readers, commentators, special ministers, ministers to the sick and altar servers.

Baptism Preparation Team
This team helps prepare families to celebrate their Baptisms.

Monthly meetings are held in the Community Centre to help parents understand the meaning of Baptism. The team then assists in preparing for the celebration.

R.C.I.A (Right of Christian Initiation of Adult)
This program provides the opportunity for catechumens or candidates to journey through the various stages towards Christian initiation at the Easter Vigil.

The candidates and team members meet weekly in the Parish House during the program which commences in October.

This program is for:
(a) People who are not Catholic but are interested in knowing more about the faith
(b) Catholics who may be non-active for whatever reason
(c) Catholic people interested in updating their understanding of faith.

Youth Groups
We currently run 2 Youth Groups; for Primary School Children and High School Children.

Charismatic Prayer Group
The prayer group meets on Tuesday 10.00am – 12.30pm in the Parish Community Centre. Praise and worship, scripture reading and teaching.
Prayers, personal and for others. All Welcome.

For prayer requests - there are cards avaliable in each of the foyers at the church.

Grief and Loss Support
St. Macartan's Parish Community includes an active Grief and Loss Support Team whose members are also available to assist you. This group provides home visitations and conducts support activities including an annual Remembrance Mass and Morning Teas.

Your Pastoral Team contact will speak to you about this group and a member will make contact with you in the coming weeks.

Should you wish to make earlier contact with the group this may be done via the Parish Office.

Legion of Mary
The Legion of Mary is a worldwide society of practising Catholics, who seek to realize the riches of the Faith and to share them with others.

A common spirit of prayer in action is reflected in the weekly tasks undertaken by active members in the form of visits to nursing and private homes as well as presenting religious materials at an information stall in Main Street.

Auxiliary members provide prayerful support for this apostolic work. Active members meet each Friday after morning Mass in the community centre.

The Macartan Club
The Macartan club was established in 1995 to cater for the special needs of retirees and senior parishioners of St Macartan's Parish to provide a spiritual and friendly environment for members to gather for regular social occasions, interest groups and outings.

For information regarding membership contact the President: John Azzopardi 5975 2289 or the Vice President: Mel Fordyce 5975 0761

Daily Rosary Group
Rosary is recited in the church following daily Mass and on Sunday before the 9.00am Mass

Choir & Musicians
Choir practice is held in the Church on Thursday mornings at 9.45am. All newcomers are very welcome. You do not need to sing like Pavarotti or even “Elvis”!

St Macartan’s Family Groups

  • The aim of these groups is to get to know other members of the parish.
  • To support each other, sharing each others joys and sorrows and so building the Christian community as in the early Church.
  • To involve our children in our Christian sharing, directly if possible, if not then indirectly by our example.

Groups meet monthly and share social occasions. All parishioners are welcome to join these groups.

For information please contact the Parish office.

Gospel Discussion Groups
Gospel discussion groups are held in parishioner’s homes during Lent and Advent as preparation for Easter and Christmas. Small groups help to develop a sense of community. Groups are also run in conjunction with the Inter-Church Fellowship.